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Enrollment and Scholarships


Enrollment & FormsEach student is registered online by a parent or guardian through a Parent Portal. It is the responsibility of the student’s family to make sure that this information is kept current. There is an annual registration fee of $42.00 for a single student, or $7.00 per family. This covers registration costs and liability/medical insurance. This fee is due at the start of classes in September, or whenever a new student enrolls in the program.



Tuition statements are sent electronically on the 1st of each month, a current email address is required to be on file with the office.
A credit card must be on file for all accounts. Please contact the office if this poses a problem to work out a financial agreement.
Tuition is due on the 10th of each month, a late fee of $10 will be assessed per family if payment not received by the 15th of that month.  A $10 fee will be assessed for all bounced or rejected checks or credit cards.
Payment options:
1.  Automatic credit card payment with card on file on the 1st or 15th of each month.
2.  Cash or check delivered to the office or mailed to 2221 River Road The Dalles, OR 97058.  Checks payable to RGSA.
3.  Partial or full payment by a credit card not on file.
Any tuition payments not received by the 15th of each month will be automatically charged to credit card on file unless you have contacted the office to set up a financial agreement for that tuition.

Discontinuation of Enrollment

If a student is discontinuing a class prior to the end of the regular season, please notify our administrative team in order to avoid recurrent tuition charges. Tuition will not be prorated if the student discontinues mid-month.


Riverside staff work hard to ensure student safety. All reasonable care will be taken to prevent accidents, however there are risks involved with the sport of gymnastics.  In the event of an injury, a parent or guardian will be notified, as listed on the registration form.  All students must have a signed waiver on file, so please keep your contact information current and notify us as changes occur.


Riverside Financial Assistance and Scholarships Policy

Riverside Gymnastics Sports and Arts Center’s mission is building character through the sport of gymnastics. Riverside is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, offering a variety of scholarship opportunities to our members and children with financial needs, including tuition assistance, character and athletic performance recognition.

At Riverside, we recognize the unique fitness characteristics and benefits that the sport of gymnastics provides to children of all ages and abilities. In addition, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to serve our children is built upon the efforts of generations before us and the continued support from the community. This is our opportunity to give back.

We recognize three needs:

Community Support
Objective: To support Riverside’s 501(c)3 community commitment, specifically, by providing support to children with financial needs.
Member Support
Objective: Attainment of Riverside and team goals is best achieved by stability in our classes and teams. These scholarships are to bridge temporary disruptions in a member’s financial situation due to job loss, medical emergencies, etc.
Outstanding Performance Support
Objective: To support Riverside's tradition of artistic gymnastics excellence and character at the highest levels.




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